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1 - Lemon purified of blood, helps the body get rid of the poison.

2 - the fruit of lemon effective in the fight against diseases associated with infection.

3 - Purchase of lemon helps to get rid of insects, it is a natural insecticide expel mosquitoes and flies.

4 - Drinking lemon juice is useful for heart patients because it is rich in potassium.

5 - He loves a lot of people resort to painkillers in the case of natural pain for minor wounds or small.
Sun and lemon natural sedatives that can be placed on wounds as well as it stopped the bleeding.

6 - put lemon juice on a bee or wasp sting to ease the pain.

7 - Drink a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil helps to break up gallstones.
8 - lemon has properties of fruit that cleanses the stomach of any infection.

9 - lemon strengthens the immune system to the human body.

10 - lemon strengthens the hair .. And melting the fat .. And raise morale.
Lemon was known since ancient times Ptothirath therapeutic and aesthetic, but also psychological effects .. Once you smell that smell up the morale and gladdens the chest and confirmed by the experts treatment with the flavors of aromatic plants .. Not only the role of the lemon just to make the best morale, it serves as a booster for the skin material and its feeding and its use leads to contraction of large pores.

11 - Use lemon to remove stains from the skin, which is rich in vitamin (c) .. And anti-wrinkling, and is used directly on the skin, and for smoothness and beauty massage preferably olive oil, lemon juice and leave the skin for two or three hours, and lemon is useful in dissolving dead cells on the skin, and gives smoothness and makes it more glamorous and can be used for the treatment of warts and moles.

12 - lemon oil should be used wisely, not lavishly on limited occasions, because it may cause burning of the skin, it should not be used, and out under the direct sunlight, it may lead to the emergence of spots on the skin .. And lemon treatment dissolves fat in the buttocks and legs, Vllimon a remarkable ability to form a last line of defense to protect the beauty of the nightmare of the accumulation of fat, Vallimon good treatment to rid the skin of toxins, it protects the skin and stimulate the kidneys to get rid of the entrapment of fluids in the body and the accumulation of fat, so it can cleanse the body of home (drinking a cup of hot water with lemon juice).

13 - and lemon is the best processor for hair .. Fasirh dissolves fat and regulates the gland to secrete fat, which is considered ideal material involved in the installation of shampoo for the treatment of the lubrication of hair, but experts advise choosing shampoo that contains real lemon, and to avoid shampoo smells lemon fragrance only.

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