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Containing fruit enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, dyes and different

Help in treating many of the cases.

I chose you to some common diseases and fruit to remedy them.

1) Anemia: --

The best treatment is a fruit of a fig and plum powder for they include metal iron

Which helps to carry oxygen to parts of the body and deficiency leads to anemia.

And help address the three proteins in the day to provide the five required daily amount of iron.

And help address the ten fruits of the plum dried to provide the same amount of iron as well.

To make the most of iron in the fruit body needs vitamin C to

Able to absorb iron.

Therefore advisable to deal with figs or prunes, accompanied by fruits rich in vitamin C

Such as citrus, strawberry and others.

Enzymes, minerals, vitamins and pigments and antioxidants help in the treatment of different

2) for the treatment of osteoporosis: --

Here, figs also helps in the treatment because it contains a high percentage of calcium

And help to eat five fruits of the figs dry to provide one third of the required daily amount of calcium.

Teen also contains magnesium, which complements the work of protection of calcium in the bone fragility.

3) to address poor digestion: --

The best fruit is pineapple papaya as well as characterized by the sweetness of the taste.

Pineapple contains the Albrooji and contains sections on papayas

Both of which help to digest proteins.

This may be addressed each type of fruit alone after a rich meal.

This can be done from the juice thick slices of pineapple with the core half of the fruit of papaya pulp with one apple

Note that the sense of bloating and belching a sign of poor digestion.

Many of the cases. I chose you to some common diseases

4) to address the grim skin and yellowish teeth: --

Strawberry fruit is ideal for this task because they contain

Some fruit acids refreshing tired skin.

If your skin is oily Vadekeha half of strawberry fruit directly

Eating strawberries and continue to purify the skin in a few days.

At the same time the strawberries help to teeth whitening and making it shine.

And fruit to remedy them. 1) Anemia: - best fruit to treat

5) to address the problems of the menstrual cycle: --

Bananas contain a good percentage of vitamin B-6 was estimated at 15%

Of the daily amount required in the banana one.

This vitamin helps to address the symptoms of stress, depression and mood disorders

That accompany the session when most women.

The banana also contains chromium which helps regulate blood sugar level

To prevent acute episodes of appetite towards sweets and chocolate, which is in this period.

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