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Gum eliminate bad breath

Gum recently occupied a prominent position in the list of functional foods and biological
Beneficial to the body has reached researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago to
Common red gum flavored cinnamon reduce bacteria in the mouth cavities
Which cause an unpleasant smell of it

They said researchers at the annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research
This chewing gum contains material Sinamek Aldehid
It primarily uses vegetable oil for the purposes of taste and flavor
Have anti-bacterial properties inhibit the growth of oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay
And the cavities therein, and inflammation of the gums and around the teeth and other

And laboratory tests showed that some of the vegetable oils also prevent
The growth of three types of oral bacteria associated with bad breath
And the production of volatile compounds, causing an alarming Fragrances

And conducted research funded by the Wrigley company famous for the manufacture of chewing gum
15 people Amadgua three pieces of gum at a rate of one every 20 minutes
One flavor of natural cinnamon flavor and the second and third different flavor or without oil
And analysis of samples of saliva 20 minutes after the stop chewing
And compared with other samples, collected before starting the process of chewing

The microbial analysis showed that cinnamon gum reduced the concentration of anaerobic bacteria
In the saliva of more than 50 per cent, and in particular bacteria residing behind the tongue
Responsible for the production of volatile sulfur compounds after the disintegration of proteins
The main contributor to the issuance of an unpleasant smell from the mouth
Say, where a population of more than 43 percent

The researchers found that chewing gum, which contains other natural flavors
Cinnamon is also succeeded in reducing the number of bacteria by about 40 percent
Because of the plant extracts in which small quantities
While no cause gum that do not contain flavorings or materials cinnamon
Any significant reduction in oral bacteria count

The scientists concluded that the chewing gum or chewing gum a positive impact on oral hygiene
In the short term, especially if it contains anti-microbial factors
Compound Sinamek Aldehid and other natural materials active

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