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Medicines from a «non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs» are drugs that have the ability to alleviate inflammation and pain, and was named to «non-steroidal» because it is not derivative of Alchortzon, and these drugs also differ from the Pharmacy Tylenol and Banadol.

The medicine from a «non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs» one of the options useful treatment to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and therefore often prescribed by doctors for diseases and other joints in the body. Many types of drugs in this category can be obtained from pharmacies without the need for a prescription.

It is the most famous drug «Ibuprofen» and «Voltaren» and «Aspirin» and many others, and to address one type of medicine «non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs» requires a careful obtained an order to prevent side effects.

And stresses the American Academy of Orthopedic doctors that a variety of side effects, such as nausea and bleeding of the stomach or the brain, stomach ulcers and stomach inflammation, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and relapse cases of heart failure, and other things that may cause a nuisance either in simple or in cases of threat to life safety.

To prevent injury to any of the possible side effects get far taking these drugs, according to academic list of persons who have to consult a doctor before eating them, namely:

- Pregnant women.

- Reducing high blood pressure.

- The presence of weakness or failure in the kidney, as well as weakness or failure in the heart.

- The presence of ulcers in the stomach.

- For bleeding in the stomach as a result of infections or sores resulting from eating one of those types of medicines before.

- The fact that human life is higher than 65 years.

Preparations before pregnancy
Pregnancy is an important event in the life of the family, ie, in the lives of husband and wife and children, and if they thought the couple in the realization of the desire to fill a child or a child they house, this trip requires good preparation by all concerned, because the stage of pregnancy should be a stage health is to follow the rules of health and daily practice, in order to preserve the health of the pregnant mother and the health of the fetus and the health of pregnancy itself, and continuing to make birth a happy event for all.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists provide a list of advice for the period prior to pregnancy, ie, in the life of the couple to meet, namely:

- Take a date in advance with the doctor who usually follow your health to find out whether the state of health allows you to pregnancy, and the potential risks that may threaten the pregnancy or affect the integrity of the growth of the fetus.

- Ask your doctor about how exercise and eating in pre-pregnancy, so that the body is configured to accept the pregnancy and equipped to feed the baby and provide him with the necessary for the child to safety.

- Make sure you are not overweight and do not have overweight.

- Start by addressing the vitamins that contain vitamin Alfoilji.

- Amtenai from alcohol, and smoking, and any medications not prescribed by a physician of the need.

- If you have any chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma or heart valve disease or anemia, or otherwise, please see a doctor to work to control any disturbances in these diseases, and ensure the safety of medicines, pregnancy, and to learn how to follow up these diseases during pregnancy , and what are the chances of pregnancy to be affected by these diseases.

Causes muscle contraction
Muscle contraction is a painful muscle contraction, making it appear solid or swollen in the course of examination or vision, and there are several reasons for the suffering of some of the alarming situation, and therefore must search for the reason behind it.

U.S. National Library of Medicine provides a list of items that may give rise to the emergence of muscle contraction, namely:

- Alcohol.

- Not eat adequate amounts of water.

- Use of muscle density in the performance of movements, during work or exercise.

- Use of muscle stress or exhausted without giving it a rest.

- A state of laziness and thyroid gland, any lack of thyroid hormone secretion.

- The presence of renal failure or other conditions affect the rate of Sun salts and hormones, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D, and others.

- Dealing with certain medications, the most important drugs «Staten» to lower cholesterol, especially in athletes who may suffer 20 per cent of the state of muscle contractions.

- The passing of the situation of women's pregnancy.

- Not eat adequate amounts of salts mentioned above, or the presence of diseases affecting the digestive system to absorb.

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